Jesus' nutrition program

Jesus’ Online Nutrition Coaching Program  

Now Open for 7 days only!  

Next chance won’t be until June…


If you want to:  

• Figure out why you eat, and what’s the best way to eat for YOU  

• Master your own personal nutrition journey  

• End the cycle of starting over…and over…and over again.  

• Work with someone who has been there and done that (I was 280 lbs at one point and understand the struggle)  

This is for you.

My online nutrition coaching service is powered by Precision Nutrition’s Pro Coach software. It’s a curriculum proven to help people improve eating habits, improve body composition, and keep people accountable to their goals.  

This software allows me to check in daily and help you stay accountable.

It also allows you to be anywhere in the world and still have access to your coach and program.  

If this sounds like it's for you and you're looking to improve your nutrition, then take advantage of this offer before it goes away . 

This special offer gets you a customized nutrition guide and the first 30 days of my online coaching program that will show you:  

  • how to eat right for your individual goals
  • meal planning & portion sizing
  • strategie for stocking your kitchen with healthy options and more.  

Afterwards, if you'd like to continue working with me, you'll have the option to purchase the remaining 11 months (12 months in total) of the program for one payment of $712.80 (40% discount) or 11 monthly payments of $99. 

We will review these options after the first 30 days are up.

Here's what our coaching clients are saying about online nutrition coaching:

"I had ZERO expectation. In fact, I had NEGATIVE expectations. "I know all this stuff. I don't need this. A whole year? Ha!" I didn't realize I needed reminding of the Foundation Habits. Over and over and over again. But the PN people knew I needed it. And they believed I would benefit, even if I did not. And I did! PN held me accountable, taught me to practice Eating Slowly to 80% Full every time I put something in my mouth. PN taught me I'm my own saboteur."  

"I like that the program doesn't expect perfection and realizes we're all humans who make mistakes. Love the strive to be better approach as opposed to striving for perfection."  

"I've done a better job of not indulging just for the sake of being able to. I have been able to steer clear of the endless office parties. "  

"Its focus on education and practical habits that will serve me well in the future. Too many "weight loss" programs tell you what to do but not why. I like the slow and steady wins the race approach, rather than a quick fix."  

"Coaching has helped me to ignore all the trends and focus on real nutrition, and more importantly builds good habits, which is all most of my eating problems are, bad habits. Not good food vs bad food or "being" good or bad, just improving habits, and being mindful."  

"The habit-based approach, coupled with the individual feedback, has made it incredibly easy to stay on track. I feel like I've made significant strides in training myself to make smarter choices, even when incredibly busy."  

"PN Coaching applies to food lifestyle AND lifestyle in general. You can't address nutrition issues effectively without addressing the psychological issues underlying the choices we make around food. In my opinion it's a top-notch program that helped me reach my goals as I allowed myself to discover them. And you, Jesus, motivate me in a way that works for me. You help me accept myself while also challenging myself. You don't judge and you don't criticize. You're not overly involved but I know you're there and I can call on your wisdom when I need it."  

"The daily lessons in ProCoach are essential to learning, reinforcing, and retaining newly-formed habits. I like the self-paced method of online learning, as opposed to (say) a weekly Weight Watchers meeting or occasional appointment with a nutritionist. Also, ProCoach lessons overseen by someone with a fitness/coaching background is far more holistic ..."